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Itslitobbs Rise to San Diego Superstardom

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Lyrical sensation Itslitobbs has undeniably been making waves in San Diego. Throughout the last year, this emerging artist has been collaborating with some of the biggest names in the beachside area, forging a mega reputation for himself.

What makes Lito’s sound so unique is his key attention to detail, genuine dedication to his craft, and skillset to lyrically hit you where it hurts.

Speaking of cut throat, Itslitobbs latest collaboration with fellow wordsmith Lil Maru in the track “Gotta Hurt”, we think will definitely leave you hurting emotionally and possibly financially… with lyrics like, “Cut you off and then we got rich, that’s gotta hurt, you still broke and you like 36…”


With the track’s rising success it’s no surprise that rumors have already begun circulating of yet another potential hit collaboration between Lil Maru and Itslitobbs — “Preaching Again”. As of now, no snippets of this highly sought after single have been leaked, but with an exponentially growing fanbase, US fans are clearly on the lookout and eagerly awaiting the highly anticipated second collaboration.

Featured on music mogul Thomas Tyrell’s channel, the visually immersive, raw, and lyrically engaging music video “Known for Thuggin” is the latest to be released from Itslitobbs with a key feature from artist Lil Weirdo.

With an insatiable appetite for superstardom, the track was destined for greatness as it was filmed by one of the best known in the San Diego scene himself, Thomas Tyrell, owner of Visionary Studios.

Clearly, It’s not every day we see an artist rise to grandiose heights this quickly, so we’re eagerly awaiting upcoming works, from who could be the next big music mogul in the SD scene.

Who might Itslitobbs collab with? When will he start touring? The rumors and buzz in the city that birthed his talent are astronomical, but in the wise words of Lito himself, “They tried to stop the wave, but that shit aggressive.”

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