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Sin (Suspense Thriller) Directed By Abeni Nazeer

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Director Abeni Nazeer’s Sin Trailer starring academy award winning actor Louis Gossett Jr, alongside the Fresh actor, Sean Nelson hit the internet today. Our prediction is that this suspense-thriller will definitely create an impact in the culture because of its story, creative direction and powerful performances from the actors.

What is the Story?

It is a story of a single mother, Sasha, who abuses drugs and is in a toxic relationship that must end before it kills her. She befriends a girl named Sin which leads her down a dark path of robberies. The twist comes when Sasha abandons the relationship with her daughter, becoming more and more closer to Sin. The script is written by a phenomenal writer, Dutch.

Sin has proved that if the story is good, it is projected to do wonders. Abeni Nazeer has directed this brilliantly which leads the audience to keep guessing until the very end. Bella Blaq’s stand out performance will definitely get praise everywhere as she will break through barriers with her dynamic personality.

Who produced the movie Sin?

Sin was produced by the legendary hip hop icon Dana Dane, the success story producer Luc Stephen, and the well-diverse and experienced Shawn Baker: all under the umbrella of Wynn Publications. Wynn Publications is an independent publisher of novels, screenplays and film. The company, owned by Lindel Wynn, is a conglomerate of writers, film producers, editors, videographers and illustrators, which led to the creation of Sin, the movie.

Revered as a legendary Hip Hop artist, Dana Dane helped pioneer the rap genre in the early 1980s. His 1987 debut album, Dana Dane With Fame, was the first rap album by a solo Brooklyn artist to be certified gold thanks in part to his landmark story raps on songs such as “Nightmares” and “Cinderfella Dana Dane.” The project also garnered him a Soul Train Music Award nomination for Best Album of the Year, and celebrated its 30-year anniversary in 2017.

Wynn Publications brought together a team of creators to bring this story to life. “The producers of Sin gave me the exact energy I needed for my film debut, we really became a family, every single person played a critical role.” says Director Abeni Nazeer. The SIN trailer was very well received and its unpredictable twist justifies its title. How many of you watched the trailer to the movie Sin? Did you like it? Tell us in the comments.

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