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Dus10 MZK – Love No Heaux

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Moss Point’s own Dus10 MZK is back with more of the player tunes that have made him one of Mississippi’s staples. This time he comes with a new single in “Love No Heaux”. On it we get to hear Dus10 in his element, relaxed with the flow over some cold production. In regards to the track he said the following:
“I wrote this song to help make the younger generation aware of not being trapped by promiscuous women. There can be blurred lines on morales within an inner circle. I also want to state that casual sex with multiple partners doesn’t make you a heaux. It’s more so being in a room tied to multiple people sexually in the same circle.”
Dus10 has been delivering strong single all year and continuing his progression up the indie rap ladder. This is just another showing of his skill.


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