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Michael Stemley’s Mission to Change the Music World

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Music industry veteran Michael Stemley, at the age of 14, had one vision: to make his mark on the music world. Since then, he has become a force in the music industry as a producer, composer and financial backer of countless projects by some of today’s biggest recording artists and entertainers.

What does he want?

He wanted to change the world by making a difference in people’s lives and uplifting those downtrodden. ML Production is a reflection of such a vision. Michael has partnered with and financially managed countless celebrities, and medal holders in the entertainment industry. His music skills have helped many producers hear their songs on popular radio stations all over the country.

– Love

At 14, Michael Stemley wanted to be a force for the unity of many musical genres, such as hip hop, jazz, and country. By listening to different types of music, he saw that each genre had something to offer and found it very difficult for one type of music to overpower another in any given song. He believes this is because love is an energy that vibrates at the same frequency as all other energies (Stemley). In his words, music has always been a spiritual expression of what we are feeling from within. And since some people feel more than others on any given day, there will always be more diverse expressions of our collective human experience through music.

Art of speaking

Stemley discusses his accomplishments in record labels, tours, and artist management. Because of his speaking art, Michael could land various jobs with successful artists such as, Keith Washington, and Teddy Riley. Through these various positions, he has helped them achieve great success financially by managing their tour income and royalties and developing marketing opportunities for them.

– Education

Before Michael became a successful musician and an entrepreneur, he got his MBA from Louisiana State University. He had always been interested in money and business and aspired to get a degree in finance or economics at an Ivy League school. He eventually settled on Louisiana State University because he could work while pursuing his degree full-time. And as it turned out, this was one of the best decisions of his life. During these four years, he discovered how important financial literacy is for people who want to be rich. As such, Michael decided that he wanted to help others become financially literate. His first attempt at this was through his book Wealth Power Respect which outlines the three keys to becoming wealthy: education, entrepreneurship and employment.

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