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Rising Star Remy Whyte Is Taking Over The Music Industry

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The ability to work in a variety of genres and styles is one of the hallmarks of a genuine artist. There is no shortage of brilliant artists working in the music industry today. These artists are able to create some of the most original musical styles, carving out a niche for themselves in the music business that no one else can satisfy. Remy Whyte is a brilliant and gifted musician who is breaking new ground in the world of music-making. As a result, he is gaining the support of devoted followers as well as the music industry as a whole.

Although Remy Whyte was born in Leesburg, Virginia, he spent much of his childhood in Martinsburg, West Virginia. At this point, he is widely recognized as one of the best musicians the city has ever produced. When it comes to the UK hip-hop charts, his single “100 Times” peaked at number 23. He’s been featured thrice in XXL magazine. Ironically, Remy won the fans’ choice award in a place completely different from the one he comes from. He’s shared the stage with a lot of famous artists, including his favourite, “Jadakiss.”

Remy Whyte pursues greatness persistently, always one step ahead of the competition by maintaining his focus on the bottom line. As a musician, he continues to wow his fans and anybody familiar with him, with his consistently high standards of performance. This year he has multiple features scheduled with artists including JDS, Shocking,4AMJP DNA, ARCH JACOB, and Marcus 7thborn Taylor. His most recent song, “Jumpin’ InTraffic,” was released on August 24 and has been met with widespread acclaim from his devoted fan base.

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