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The Prince is taking his music to New Levels!

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Lyrical rapper Prince Levels is all about dynamic flows. His sound is a testament to his creative ability. Levels is comfortable getting aggressive and keeps it real and raw while making space for an R&B vibe to remain prevalent. The talented Rapper can sing and play the piano and Drums.

Prince Levels is a fan of the hi-hats of southern rap and counts Philly-based hip-hop artist Meek Mill as an early influence. The artist calls Atlanta home, and many of his formidable works are a narration of life in the city’s infamous southwesterly Zone 4. Growing up in that environment opened his ears to beats made from scratch, composed by young upcoming producers.

Prince Level’s natural passions have helped him pursue bigger dreams as a tastemaker and creator of lifestyle-driven music. Since his musical debut, he’s been focused on collecting one win at a time by dropping catchy singles. He’s got impressive punchlines and is good with lyrical, beat selection, and changing flows. Now Prince Levels is set on building his fanbase and dropping quality. Check out his new music video Twin Time

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