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Sandflower Unleashes New Album “The Quantum Seed”

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Brooklyn is known to be the home of several natural born entertainers and creators. Rising native Sandflower is definitely next in line for some great notoriety with her new album The Quantum Seed – an ode to her mystical journey and beyond. Sandflower created this album out of the pure need to let loose, express, and fulfill her need to create and give light to her experience on earth. Spicy, outrageous, and free, The Quantum Seed is now available for streaming on all digital streaming platforms. “The Quantum Seed is me reaching out into the universe and beaming my signal. This album is a call to anyone who thinks and vibrates on a different wave.” – Sandflower This album follows the release of her prior single, “BUMP” ft. MiGSMiGSTER. Renowned for her refreshing and rebellious persona and sound, Sandflower is working the industry day by day, expanding an organic base of supporters and beyond. For those new to Sandflower, The Quantum Seed is a great first impression. Stream here.

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