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Zombie Cats showcasing their flair, music and talent across the globe

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music and talent — and this is precisely the reason they are widely loved by their fans.

The duo, creating and developing a wide range of music, have a niche in multiple forms of music be it deep soundscapes or technical club music. With their esteem name and talent, Zombie Cats have achieved a lot of success along with releasing their albums with Eatbrain, Liquicity and Dispatch.

Famous for their live events, having a great inclination and love for the drum and bass and jungle music culture, Zombie Cats never disappoint. They have always had a holistic approach to it where thyey have ingrained it in their lifestyle such as they have been ambassadors of drum and bass musical style. Not just this, they also mentor young budding artists.

Keeping up with their reputation of trying new things and being the best at everything they do, this year They have decided to delve deeper into hip-hop fusion music. Pushing themselves to come out better on the other side, Zombie Cats have collaborated with west coast hip hop legend ‘The Game’.

The collaboration in which they kick off with with The Game – is a series titled “Manifold”, which also shows collaborations with other lyricists around the world. The series fuses The Game’s hip-hop with Zombie Cats’ energetic electronic music genre Drum and Bass. In this, the hip-hop versions were written first and then their drum and bass versions were created.

Huracan, which was launched on August 5, marked the launch of the project with The Game and Zombie Cats coming together and collaborating with many artists across the globe.

As Manifold grows and gains momentum, Zombie Cats will be collaborating with new artists including rapper and former G Unit member Kidd Kidd from New Orleans. Things will be taking a new turn and a new direction as more exciting collaborations come forth.

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