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‘Queendemme’, Official Music Video Highlights Trailblazing Black Women Artists in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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‘Queendemme’ is a music video offering a snapshot into the stunning & expressive energy of Black millennial [and adjacent] creative women in Calgary, Alberta. The official music video highlights the work of innovative Black women artists who are making their mark in a variety of practices. From fashion, to music, to visual art, the subjects are all united by their creative passion and their persistent hustle. Above all, the video is a celebration of the richness and diversity of Black artistry and womanhood. By shining a spotlight on the unique experiences of being a young melanated creative in Calgary, the video aims to create a celebratory and “time-capsuled” commentary on the existence of royalty in coffee-coloured skins in the prairies.

Filmed over 3 days, spanning 9 locations, and 16 different sets, the Queendemme music video is a journey through history, present, and a glimpse into future generations. The video is “a beautiful expression of the nuances of Black joy & creative liberation,’ says famed Canadian author and activist Rachel Ricketts.

The song’s creators have worked with the likes of Russ, Joey Bada$$, JuiceWrld, and co-writer Stige even has a song selected as one of Barack Obama’s favourites. The Queendemme track itself is an independent piece of quality sonic art, and singers BLSNG, Sinzere, caedance and Lady Channing bring it to life impressively.

The video contains footage from award-winning cinematographers & directors Misha Maseka and Gabriel Yee, who, like the project’s director Sabrina Naz-Comanescu and cinematographer Wyatt Sawyer, have all had their work featured in film festivals and competitions, from Vienna to Calgary to Toronto to Berlin. A further nod to the already all-star production team, one of the video’s editors, Daniel Pianezza has worked on 2 of pop star Jessie Reyez’ music videos.

60 creative women. 60 stories. 1 Calgary. Filming locations include local Black-owned businesses, coveted Calgary views, and even a significant set at The Grand Theatre – where in just 1914, Charles Daniels was denied entry to a performance for his race.

With support from the Calgary Society for Independent Filmmakers, Calgary Arts Development, and The City of Calgary, this project breathes out a beautiful and iconic time capsule featuring some of the most creative women who have made this prairie city what it is today art-wise. From painters to poets, actresses to auteurs, this project showcases the immense talent and diversity in Calgary’s Black community.

On September 1st, 2022, the creative team is releasing this official visual celebration. The team has already accomplished a lot, including creating a documentary, 2-part photo series, live event, poem, and song. They invite you to now join in this journey and experience the brand-new visual story. Follow @queendemme on Instagram to stay in the loop, and mark your calendars for September 1st, 2022, on the Queendemme YouTube channel for the official release!

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