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Meet Jeweler To The Stars, Tajia Diamonds

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Tajia Diamonds was established April 13th, 2015. Tajia Diamonds was dedicated to Tajia Rodriguez who is their motivational entrepreneur. Tajia is a strong young woman who has been diagnosed with Celebral Palsey. Tajia’s mission has been to inspire young individuals to never give up hope. Tajia has been the young voice inspiring children to believe in their journey no matter what disability you may have. You are your motivation! If you believe you can achieve! Tajia has been conquering many obstacles to someday have the ability to walk again. At Tajia Diamonds, they acknowledge her hard work and dedication and want to educate individuals on the awareness she brings. Tajia Diamonds offers creative pieces, custom designs to your likings on every occasion from wedding bans, wedding rings, different color stones, diamond earrings and much more.

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