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DJ Manifesto Uses Melodic Violin Sounds to Reinvent Electronic Dance Music

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In the music industry, bringing something unique is what separates the visionary from the typical performer. DJ Manifesto is proof that manifesting a new sound might be a scary process, but is worth the battle. 

DJ Manifesto’s unique sound is a combination of different genres and influences. By combining delicate violin strings with bass-driven melodic electronic music, DJ Manifesto transcends boundaries and creates a memorable musical experience. The music of DJ Manifesto, however, seamlessly blends the two, creating a haunting effect. That being said, DJ Manifesto is the first violinist DJ in the world having done it for over 20 years.

It all started when the music-loving musician first played the violin at the age of 5. At the age of 11, he was invited to an event by his local YMCA to DJ an event. That was the first time he stood behind the turntables, and it was the beginning of a lifelong passion. DJ Manifesto became what he is today because of the struggle he endured. The rest is history as DJ Manifesto gradually began developing his skills as a musician in his father’s recording studio until he eventually took over the studio and started producing his own. 

DJ Manifesto has played over 1,500 shows across the country and even shared the stage with icons like Paul Van Dyk, Nadia Ali and Victor Calderone. While exploring his sound, DJ Manifesto has also dabbled in many other creative fields. During his time with Rome Will Burn, a successful Los Angeles-based duo, DJ Manifesto mentored alongside Randy Jackson and David Campbell. The group has since garnered over a million Spotify streams.

DJ Manifesto is not yet satisfied even with these successes. He continues to push the boundaries of dance music and create a revolutionary sound that is all his own. Asked what sets DJ Manifesto apart from other DJs, he says that along with his drive, his unwavering passion, and love for the art and craft of DJing, he draws inspiration from his orchestra experience. 

“I want to create a melodic journey through sound and emotion. I do not just want people to dance. I want people to feel emotions, cry, laugh and of course dance – all in one performance. I DJ like a violinist and play the violin like a DJ.” 

After naming himself DJ Manifesto, a name which was given from a friend which means “ a public declaration of policy”, DJ Manifesto decided to reinvent himself again. He recently launched another alias called “MOODY”  which is a deep/tech alias with the violin – more centered around house and techno.

Even after more than 20 years in the industry, DJ Manifesto shows that his art is constantly evolving and that he is capable of so much more. Much to the chagrin of his competition, nothing stands in the way of his goals. “I make my living from my art. I am in it 100%. No side hustle. That’s my life. So every show is like my life depends on it.” According to DJ Manifesto “Music is my Message” proves there are so many ways to express to the world what is beyond deliverable. 

The versatile artist currently resides in Las Vegas, a city he says shares his love of eclectic music production and sound. 

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