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Sidney Breedlove Gives Us A Banger with Take It Low

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Sidney Breedlove gives us a banger with Take It Low. The Georgia-grown rapper has always acknowledged the person with the most influence as his mother. While he also sees his grandparents as some of his biggest supporters, he can’t deny how much of him is his mother. It was through their teachings that he was able to bring his own stories to his music. Speaking of his own music, Take It Low really gives a taste of what the rapper can do with this talent.

A simple song on first listen, the track gets more interesting with more listens. Despite its humble appearance, the song is more than meets the ear. It’s a boastful song, but not one that’s based on lies that you’re used to hearing.

The first verse talks about a woman all about her money. She isn’t willing to waste her time with people and things that don’t benefit her. But the second, goes into the rapper recounting how he was not considered in his youth. Both culminate with the chorus where he now has the means to have those people’s attention.

Sidney’s laid-back voice enhances his intricate rapping style, making the listener feel as though this comes easy to him. But, of course, he must put in some effort to have the kind of dynamic flow he boasts throughout the song. His voice makes it feel like he has reached a point in his life where he has little worries. He truly understands how to use his skills to make the song dynamic Which, is needed when you consider that the beat is mostly the same for the entire song. Still catchy and able to make you groove, the simple beat adds to that laid-back, chill vibe the whole song long.

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