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Now Entertainment Is Opening Doors

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Now Entertainment is a media company situated in the southeastern U.S. state of Georgia, initiated by Tony Marcus Fountain. In 2011, Tony’s goal for the business was a recording studio and label imprint. It flourished into an operating entertainment (music & news) magazine as time passed.

The title ‘Now Entertainment‘ has more twists and turns. The name came into existence through a night-time chill with Fountain and his friend Max Trenton. Working as janitors for a local banking institution and perforated with penury, the duo planned to never be in a dead-end job again. This gave rise to ‘NOW‘ (Never Off Work). ‘NOW‘ also depicts never being off work on ourselves, constant personal-spiritual growth and other aspects life offers.

In the process of crafting articles, Now Entertainment crew members aim at helping independent music creatives expand their reach. Knowing newcomers and standalone artists tend not to possess a quality budget for marketing, one can also submit on Submithub at a low cost.

Nowadays, growing a strong following on social media is quite challenging. Most people tend to purchase an audience on websites, which won’t be of great help. In the music niche, a genuine fanbase is why every artist makes songs. Building a fanbase is a slow constant procedure that continues throughout an artist’s profession.

To achieve this feat, a singer/rapper must first identify the kind of content they put out. Developing a marketing strategy is also crucial. YouTube — a platform that’s easy to use, free, and easily accessed by many; is likewise helpful to a musician attaining more exposure.

Moving forward to qualities Now Entertainment offers: PR (public relations) services and free promotion on Sweden-founded music services: SoundCloud and Spotify. Since its inception, its editorial team has reviewed and featured numerous prominent acts. The likes of DaxG HerboSara DiamondJada KingdomSemlerTheo TamsNolayNick de la Hoyde, and many others. 

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