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Jacki Mango Gives Model Management A Makeover

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More than 2 years after the pandemic, the fashion industry is in a state of half turmoil and half upheaval. With many people still fighting to stay at home, sales and general desire for fashion continues its struggle to regain footing while competing with a rapidly widening online market. What’s more, many of its surviving facets for talent and management have been transferred online as well.

This creates an especially difficult environment for fledgling models, photographers, influencers, and entrepreneurs, with increasingly record-breaking numbers of competition across social media. There’s a lot of truly skilled talent getting lost in the crowd, which is why it’s more important now than ever that the industry has its share of masterful talent management agencies.

Jacki Mango was once such a talent, fighting in the struggle to get her name into an oversaturated market so she could have the chance to pursue her passion for fashion. For years she dabbled and experimented with social media, honing her comprehension of it and thus, her ability to manipulate it, giving her access to wider audiences even amidst a global pandemic.

Drawing inspiration from her experiences and tribulations, Mango along with her partner-in-crime Nick Sandell Co Founded SkyCloud Management. Together, they pooled their respective skills in different forms of media to ensure they post the right content about the latest trends to guarantee their models the best opportunities for creating tangible and organic growth.

SkyCloud connects these models as well as web influencers to distinguished photographers and brands from around the world. In doing so, they are able to secure their clients up to 5 times more income than they were making before, and at least twice as many followers, all of which are organic and bot-free. Models get the work, photographers get their clients, influencers get their ad revenue, and brands get their marketers. Groups within the industry are connected and everyone wins.

Such is what sets SkyCloud Management apart from other agencies. The other guys are in it to make a profit. To them, it makes no difference if their services result in the growth of their clients, so long as they can get enough work to generate profit for the agency. What’s more, they tend to play favorites with their attention. In stark contrast, SkyCloud Management focuses on bringing about a change in the status quo, because since 2020 there has been no status quo in the fashion industry – only chaos between those who sink or swim, the old and the new, the stubborn and the innovative.

SkyCloud Management puts their energy into finding diamonds hidden amidst the fresh-faced talent entering the market with Gen-X. Be they models, influencers, photographers, or entrepreneurs, Magno and Sandalls understand better than many that the solution to the crisis is no longer introducing new blood at fractionated intervals. Rather, it is replacing antiquated systems entirely with a generation with limitless potential and a deep connection to technological innovation.

If you’re struggling to upscale an agency of your own, Magno recommends that you “focus on the young talents that are growing on TikTok, simply because of how huge it is with that generation right now. Many content creators out there are just now starting, and they need help finding their niche and selling their brand.” This is what SkyCloud aspired for, and it is how they have been attaining such success in revitalizing the fashion industry thus far. In truth, it may very well be that the solution to the crisis in every industry is, well… giving the future to the future.

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