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IN-L Releases EP “Top Stories” The Review

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Article Text:IN-L is a super producer, composer, music engineer, born and raised in Miami, Florida, reppin right outside Atlanta. Having lived in the DMV area as well, IN-L has become a major artist that has brought a very eclectic, soulful, and very good EP to the table. IN-L says, “living around different cultures of people has helped understand, empathize, and relate with almost anyone.” That’s an understatement because his music is a testament to that. The song “Not A Criminal” is soulful, authentic, lyrics are poetic and prayerful, and the beat is unique and mind grabbing.

“Ha Queen” is a very playful yet intelligent song being sophisticated enough to play in front of a formal crowd or on the stage of a gentleman’s club. “Second To Son” is a platinum song that will engulf and trap you and refuse to let go of your attention. Lastly, the song “People Need Thee” is a wise, political and lyrically sound masterpiece that will help you get to know IN-L and his musical mindset in a different way. Either way “Ha Queen” is a hit song that will get a lot of commercial radio play. You need to subscribe, support, and look for IN-L and his music everywhere, however his EP Top Stories is an Apple Music Exclusive, with a video for it on YouTube.


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