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Hip-Hop Sensation Rico Santino Is Bridging Cultural Diversity

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For years, music has been one of the most potent means of expression. You can express your cultural, political, or even social identity, which makes it a highly-collaborative artistic field. Musicians are known to be one of the most influential personalities in the world. They can leverage their talents to spread positivity worldwide, bridging numerous language, culture, and political barriers.

Rico Santino is a top Hip-Hop artist using music to bring the world together. Rico Santino is the founder and CEO of Serious Sounds Production LLC. The sensational rapper stands out as a multi-racial artist with Puerto Rican black, Italian, and northern European roots. Such a diverse cultural background provides many different experiences and understandings of different cultures and upbringings that he blends with melodies and storytelling, giving him a unique outlook and sound.

Since making his professional debut, Rico Santino has provided the industry with numerous classics, including his hit single, “Wildin”. His music releases have dominated the airwaves for months and amassed millions of streams across various platforms. Rico then cemented his music game position with his successful album, Sad Boy Savage. The gifted songwriter terms the album as a unique project and a gift to his swiftly expanding fan base. Rico Santino takes pride in Sad Boy Savage for making headlines with over a million streams in less than twenty-four hours. The success of these two projects has also helped him build a solid social media fan base that is constantly glued to his next release.

The prolific producer and songwriter also worked with notable music industry names, well-known artists, and producers such as Dj Flippp and Chip Tha Ripper. According to Rico, working with diverse artists allows him to reach beyond his comfort zone. It is also an opportunity to push his limits and provide his fans with a taste of his diversity.

Rico’s greatest challenge was a lack of self-confidence in the person he is.

“I found it hard to realize that all it takes is hard work and confidence. Also, racism: never being black enough or Spanish even or white enough. It was also weird I never understood why people judged people that way. I really overcame this by just being myself and having thick skin, also taking losses or when things don’t go as planned in show business,” Rico explains.

In the coming years, Rico wants to expand his musical brand and gain a new audience. His goal is to create a sustainable impact in the music industry, a commitment that keeps him pushing the limits every day. Rico also wants to leverage his storytelling and songwriting skills to keep his fans engaged and entertained. To him, music is the universal language, and he is not slowing down anytime soon. Part of his ambition is to release a hit song that dominates the airwaves.

“I hope to have a song that goes gold or platinum, and I want to build my brand and label so I can help artists break into the music business without having to fail as much as I did when I was younger. I also want to have good connections with some of my idols and work on songs with them,” he adds.

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