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From The Streets To Music, Tae Wilson Rises Above

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From the streets of Baltimore, Maryland, adversity was a typical daily hurtle that everyone who lived there had to adapt to. For Devante Wilson, aka Tae Wilson, trials and tribulations seemed to come around more frequently as he got older. But, where many people don’t make it out, Tae overcame a lot of the violence through his family and music. “Music and my kids saved my life.” Get to know Tae Wilson and how he has been able to turn music into an extraordinary blessing for himself and everyone around him.


For Tae Wilson, music is more than just music but a way for him to stay focused and take his mind away from what was happening in front of him. He uses his music as a stress reliever and a way to motivate himself and his family and fans. Tae says that growing up in the harsh conditions of Baltimore has grown him to be the man he is today. Before music, he was headed down the wrong path but could overcome being poor and choose peace instead of violence.


This independent artist is inspired by Meek Mill, Lil Durk, and YG Teck. He is working on a mixtape with his brother Reggie Street. The project is called “Proud Of Us Now?” which is a testament to where he has come from and is dropping in a few weeks in September. He wants people to understand that they can accomplish anything they want no matter their circumstances. He wants people to feel that in his music and see him as a walking testimony that he is no different than anyone else, and it can all be done.


This is the first time Tae Wilson is doing a collab project, and he is very excited to bring it to his fans! The music is very maturing and motivating and will inspire many people. So with strong morals and beliefs, it is no surprise Tae Wilson opened up for Lil Boosie in his hometown a little while back.


Keep in touch with Tae Wilson as he sets to deliver his best stuff yet. You can follow Tae on Instagram here. Don’t forget to stream his music on Spotify to get a taste of what’s to come.

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