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Eric Jaye – “Belladonna”

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After collaborating with Snoop Dogg on “I’ve Been Looking For You,” off I Wanna Thank Me, and lending guest vocals for Ras Kass on “MLK DAY,” Virginia based triple-threat Eric Jaye unloads his new self-produced single “Belladonna.” Blending the genres of R&B, Soul, and Afrobeat, “Belladonna” tells the story of a lust stricken crooner resisting a toxic temptress. [Photo Credit: Ed Ellington]

When asked about the record’s origins, Eric states:

I felt led to create a song that tackles the very thing that I often struggle with myself, resisting temptation. Temptation is directly linked to self control and almost everything we do in life can be traced back to our self control. With only a guitar and mini keyboard, God enabled me to create my own interpretation of how we all experience and potentially defeat temptation.

Raised in The Hampton Roads city of Newport News, Eric Jaye is a multifaceted musician on a mission to change the world one song at a time. As a child, he enjoyed an eclectic palot of sonics including the genres of Traditional Gospel, Jazz, Soul, Pop, Country, and Rock. At age 7 he began playing the guitar as well as the drums, jump-starting his transition from spectature to contributor. Growing up in the 757, he naturally gravitated towards The Neptunes’ interpretations of jazz, funk, and hip hop. Those sounds and additional local influences like Timbaland, Missy Elliott, and The Clipse heavily inspire the type of music he crafts. “I like to create records that paint a picture of my life as well as my faith and make people move. Music is personal to me and I believe the best kind evoke some type of emotion.”

Listen to “Belladonna” and expect more releases to drop from the VA native before the year is up!


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