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Skinnyfromthe9 Balls Out On New Gf Souledior’s Birthday

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After picking up Souledior and her pals in a Mercedes sprinter bus on her birthday last night, New Jersey rapper Skinnyfromthe9 made sure she had a fantastic time and made sure she had a blast celebrating her special day.

We are able to gather from the stories and posts on Instagram that they had a lot of drinks from Belaire and even went on a private tour of the company’s headquarters. This indicates that Skinnyfromthe9 may have some kind of deal with them. It seems that they had a fantastic time at the private dinner that was held at Il Mulino in New Jersey and they partied the night away at Skinnyfromthe9’s penthouse in New York. It seems that they take great pleasure in spending time in one another’s company. What are your thoughts on the future of their relationship?

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