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Progress Supreme Launches His Second Installment of the Forever Winning Series, and Shares Personal Journey in the Music Industry

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Countless musicians are on the rise, but only a select few can encourage those who have been knocked down to try to stand up again. Musician and artist Progress Supreme is one of the outstanding people on that exclusive list.

Progress Supreme is a Pacific Northwest artist who inspires others to make a significant difference and act quickly. The artist began rapping on stolen beats and uploading them to Facebook as a hobby. When a fan got in touch with him and expressed how his music had influenced him and inspired him to do better, he decided to pursue music full-time. That particular moment altered his entire outlook on his music career.

Not having any musicians in his family A different story from most artist. His biggest influence came from his mothers work ethic. He learned to strive for greatness and never stop. He utilized this mentality when nearly going homeless in California. Couch surfing where he could not knowing the outcome of any given day was one of the hardships that influenced his music career. It forced him to become resourceful and handle pressure in the same way he navigated his way through the music industry as an independent artist.

Many artists have influenced Progress Supreme’s career and style, including Nipsey Hussle, Jay-Z, Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Mac Miller, Future, Lil Wayne, and Kanye West. He explains that confidence is a big key, and these people demonstrated that it is okay to draw outside the lines and go against the grain. “Do it and don’t look back,” Progress Supreme implores.

One of his notable characteristics is his ability to relate to people. His work inspires others to pursue their dreams and keep working past their struggles and hardships. The musician’s ability to be vulnerable, strong, and stoic all at once is demonstrated by the highs and lows that he shares.

Progress Supreme possesses raw emotion and stage presence, commanding an audience and establishing such a strong bond with them that it almost seems like a personal friendship. While providing advice and gems on how to sharpen one’s thoughts and rewire the brain to succeed, he can wave melodic flows throughout beats that captivate ears and hearts. According to him, having the mentality of “forever winning” means you can always get back up after being knocked down.

Progress Supreme is driven to disprove critics but, more importantly, to validate their position. His lyrics contain truths that can reach someone’s soul or higher self and help them evolve into a 2.0 version of themselves or simply take a step further than they previously thought was possible.

The artist hopes his work and life will teach people the importance of hard work and dedication. One of the main reasons he built up his brand and label, All Wins, was to serve as evidence of what that kind of lifestyle can bring to others. He believes that success is not always determined by numbers or performance but by the ability to push oneself to become the best version of oneself. Progress Supreme hopes to draw in athletes, artists, and aspirational people as he expands his network. He continues to develop his capacity to connect with the audience and build a community of goal-driven individuals.

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