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Artist George Micheal Gilto Inspiring An Audience

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Meet singer, songwriter, and producer George Micheal Gilto. Independent and owner of his label. George has been perfecting his craft since the age of 8 years old, when he first got exposed to music. Now, George, reigning from Sydney, Australia, is releasing music weekly, gaining steam from people worldwide.


George Micheal Gilto is self-taught and has been making 130 registered tracks since August 2021. He mainly records his tracks using his phone, mic, and AirPods in his car and uses Garageband to fine-tune. George has a new track called “Hope Never Die” He got the inspiration for the track as he saw a customer going through a tough time and wanted to give him something to listen to so he wouldn’t have negative self-doubt. George hopes his music can inspire his community, provide them with confidence, and keep them focused on doing good and spreading positivity.


Since Covid, George has seen people struggling. He makes it a priority to show them what he does and share his music to send them a message and give them hope. Since coming out of the military and being medically discharged, he has been battling adversity and doesn’t want others to go through the same hardships he did. He watched his mom go through stage 3 triple negative breast cancer, a real battle. His mom is his biggest inspiration. She was the one that exposed him to music as she took him to singing lessons from a young age. He enjoyed singing, and it was a way to express himself, which took an incredible turn as he became a teenager.


Being a songwriter was a great way for George Micheal Gilto to connect to his peers and show that males can hit high notes too. At 16 years old, George entered Australian Idol and made it to the executive producer round. This was a significant accomplishment for George as he learned a lot from the situation to not give up and keep striving for greatness!


Being self-taught and independent, George is always open to new opportunities. He is open to working and building with many other artists and can help others in many different areas with his label. He is a stand-up guy that fights for freedoms and equality for everyone. He believes everyone deserves an equal chance no matter what. He has been discriminated against, ensuring he is constantly raising awareness. From that, he created the brand “Love Transport PTY LTD. He is growing awareness and standing against racism.


Stay in tune with George Micheal Gilto and check out his links here to learn more about this remarkable individual.

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