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Wildboy Gets Authentic With New Music and Video “KICKADOESHIT”

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Steven Jones, known professionally as Wildboy, is a Virginia-based rapper known for his notable sound he describes as “authentic street pain.” 

Wildboy’s music is intense, bass-knocking and raw from his lyrics down to the production of his songs. If not familiar with the emcee, songs like “Kickdadoeshit” or “First Day Out” serve as good introductions to his sound and flow.

Citing rappers like DMX and Meek Mill as inspirations, Wildboy also shared how he finds inspiration for creativity through new experiences and simply paying attention to the world. “I try to always be aware and observant,” he said. 

The rapper began his music career in attempts to change the trajectory of his life after coming home from a juvenile detention center in 2013, but his passion for music started much earlier. 

“Music has been influential in my whole life even before I wanted to be a rapper,” Wildboy says. “It felt good to express myself through music. Writing, It gave me an escape,” he said. “A way to feel better when going through things. I created my own space. Being an Inspiration to other people inspires me to keep going.”

When asked what fans can expect from him next, he says that he has a project in the works titled ‘2 Wild’. It will serve as the second mixtape in a series Wildboy has been working on. The first installment, The WIldest, was released on Halloween of 2021. 2 Wild will show Wild Boy’s growth as an artist and offer listeners new sounds, he said. 

Although no set release date has been announced for the mixtape, be sure to follow Wildboy on Instagram and subscribe to his YouTube so that you can be among the first to know when it coming!

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