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King Marack Announces Release of Inspirational New Album: 369

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The new album by King Marack is a collection of inspirational songs that deliver beautifully on their themes of the pursuit of goals and dreams and their actualization

Music was not King Marack’s plan for his future but he decided to pursue a career in it. Today, King Marack’s career as an independent musician has blossomed. He is signed to his own record label, Silent Music Business and has amassed a large following through his exceptional rap lyrics and vocal prowess. Following the success of 222, an album released earlier this year by King Marack, the East Atlanta-based artist is pleased to announce that work on his new album is complete.

The new album which is titled 369 is a uniquely composed compilation of songs written and recorded by King Marack which is geared towards inspiring listeners to see beyond their current situation, dream big, aim for the skies, and work towards achieving their dreams and goals.

Speaking ahead of the release of 369, King Marack had this to say, “We all face challenges and problems every day, but it’s important to remember that these challenges can be overcome. The songs on this project will infuse a positive mindset to listeners, even through the most difficult of times. I want people to understand that they can reach their goals in life if they believe in themselves and don’t give up. Each song expresses my belief in the idea that people can achieve anything if they work hard enough.”

Born in Atlanta, Georgia, King Marack was raised in East Atlanta where he played sports and wrote songs. His affinity for sports died down when he wasn’t getting enough support in that direction, deciding to shift his focus to music. As a kid, King Marack wrote poems and lyrics for people. He soon began to write and sing about real-life scenarios and the things he went through while growing up. King Marack’s music is relatable, cutting across several aspects of human endeavor.

The rapper once faced a struggle between pursuing his music career and raising his children.This prevented him from investing as much into his music as one would expect. However, that phase of his life is now behind him, and King Marack has since begun to reap the benefits of his hard work and resilience. His experience validates the message he preaches with his music – nothing can stop one’s success unless they let it.

Inspired by legends like Kanye West and Andre 3000, King Marack is on course to proving to the rap industry that a rapper’s success isn’t defined by his willingness to talk about drugs, gun violence, women, and all the themes of modern day rap music. The 369 album is guaranteed to be a fan’s favorite, and the artist hopes it will help someone to dream again and work towards achieving that dream.

369 by King Marack will be released on August 11 across digital music streaming platforms. For more information, subscribe to King Marack YouTube channel or follow him on Instagram and Twitter.

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