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The Jones’ Have Called It Quits! Love Is Blind Fans Have Lots To Say!

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“After much thought, we’re saddened to share that we have separated and will begin the process of divorcing,” the statement began.” Instantly, my heart dropped when I read the instagram post because I always had a gut feeling this would end. It is no secret that during Season 2 of Love is Blind, Jarrette had a very strong bond with Mallory Zapata. While his top two happened to include Iyanna, he always seemed to smile more, share more, even mentioned having a dream about a woman that looked just like Mallory. But Mallory couldn’t give her heart to Jarrette. Although, she also had a deep connection for Jarrette for her, he felt too familiar and she feared them not lasting. 

When Jarrette, who is a project manager, asked if Mallory would say yes if he proposed and she said no, he was heartbroken. Both retreated to their respective areas, where Jarrette seemed to cry for hours. Mallory also wept but it seemed to be mores because she had hurt him. Jarrette re-emerged not himself. He turned to Iyanna asked Iyanna to marry him. He was honest and even though he pleaded with her that she was not his second choice, we all knew she was. It was evident that Jarrette was the only person she wanted and despite the hiccup, she chose to accept and they were engaged.

During the group trip to Mexico after their respective engagements, things got really awkward when Jarrette and Mallory met in person for the first time, and he immediately pointed out that Sal didn’t give her the ring she described she wanted. She even tried to explain why she chose Sal over him, which Jarrette quickly dismissed and told her that he would have never done the things the men in her past did.

During the finale, the couple did say I do but Sal and Mal did not. As I watched, it felt more that Mallory just wanted someone she thought was safe and kept getting greeted with lies and ultimately left with a “no” at the altar from Sal. Jarrette always said that him and Mal worked on paper but the tears I watched him shed told another story. He was in pain, I mean truly crushed over Mallory, that it felt almost crazy that he asked Iyanna to marry him.

One year later, here we are and they are getting divorced. It is so sad. Check out what twitter had to say about this news.


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