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“Success Does Not Depend on Talent But on Hard Work and Willpower,” Shares Artist, An2an

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“Talent is cheaper than table salt. What separates the talented individual from the successful one is a lot of hard work.” – Stephen King

Talent does not always translate to success and won’t make you a star. There are many talented people making headlines today, but they didn’t just get there by following their passion. Most of them have worked hard round the clock to hone their talents and had the willpower to push on amid any possible challenge. Hard work and willpower overpower talent and will help you achieve your dreams.

The music industry is one of the most highly-competitive industries around the world. Hundreds of new talented musicians are emerging day after day. To make headlines and stand out from the rest, you need to work on your talent by working hard and remaining resilient in attaining your dreams and becoming successful.

An2an is an American musician and a fashionable composer living in California. He has been in the music industry for half a decade. He is also a cheerful person who is always ready to experiment despite the difficulties artists face in their desire to create something completely new. An2an adores rap and hip-hop and believes that music has no limits and restrictions. It combines different directions and genres to achieve the perfect tunes.

Although An2an has not received any special awards, he is excited to be a household name in California. “My music and videos on social networks are gaining more and more views every time. I am often invited to perform, and several major projects are ahead,” An2an shares.

In his quest to make it in the music scene, An2an encountered several challenges that caused him to feel overwhelmed and almost give up. However, he had the willpower to make it and kept fighting for his dream by working extremely hard on himself and his music.

Although many critics and musicians claim that An2an is a talented musician and composer, he firmly believes that his success is not a result of talent alone. “Success depends not on talent, but hard work and willpower. I have always applied these two virtues in my career, and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome,” An2an emphasizes. At one time, he launched a campaign to support this, and even though most distinguished musicians disagreed with him, An2an received significant support.

When asked what wisdom he would share, An2an quickly said that every talented person needs to strive for perfection every day. It would be best if you worked on yourself, and day by day, you will become better than you were yesterday. “That’s practically my motto. Only hard work can help achieve success. Talent is a secondary thing; every second person is talented in something. But not everyone can develop talent; work on it,” adds An2an.

As for An2an‘s dreams and inspirations, he plans to search for a new unique sound, something so new that he can’t even imagine it right now. He does a lot of musical tours and gets inspired mainly through places where it is tough to get to, such as mountain peaks and distant islands, where people very rarely appear. It is such places that prove that perfection exists, and it is necessary to strive for it.

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