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Steven Jean-Jacques, a budding ace music artist’s latest release, “Sin Ti,” gets him to new heights with 100,000 plus streams within a week of release

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On May 18, 1996, Steven Jean-Jacques was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. He then relocated to Chicago, Illinois, where he grew up. He is a singer, composer, and musician from Haiti. Jacques’s career began as a musician. His love for music blossomed when he started playing the piano in church. 


How did Steven Jean-Jacques’s career reach exponential success levels:

Jacques issued five singles in 2022, among which Sin Ti” is hitting some outstanding records and has reached more than 100,000 streams individually on Spotify and youtube. The songs caught the audience’s interest, and he decided to pursue a career in music professionally. He will begin performing live on October 1st, 2022, and more than five shows have already been scheduled. Jacques is making a significant announcement about his next song album to his fans.


Steven Jean-Jacques’s latest release:

Many such gifted individuals have emerged in the music industry, but none more so than the talented musician Steven Jean-Jacques, whose most recent song, “Sin Ti,” is currently becoming a sensation. There is more breaking news than just this; more than simply, the music is creating a stir. For the start of the trip, Steven is ready. With his remarkable talent, he is poised to ignite the audience.


His latest song, “Sin Ti,” shows a great result on Spotify and Youtube as it has crossed over 100,000 streams. And on the other note, his fans are excited about his upcoming tour and can’t wait to hear him play this hit on tour.


More about Steven Jean-Jacques:

No matter how often we talk about how some people have been doing very well in their particular fields, it still seems like there has to be a lot more conversation about them for the benefit of the entire globe. Understanding how these people and experts rose to the top is crucial if you want to know how to do it with solid enthusiasm and unadulterated talent. Too many great people have entered the music industry, but Steven Jean-Jacques is the one generating the most excitement right now, thanks to his most recent song, “Sin Ti.”


His Love for Musical Instruments: It is claimed that one must give up on one’s dreams and passions before pursuing a career in any field. In Chicago, Illinois, Steven Jean-Jacques followed in the footsteps of other young musicians from Haiti and fell in love with a variety of musical instruments as he grew older. He later developed a passion for producing beats and playing the piano.


His upcoming tour: On October 1st, 2022, Steven Jean-Jacques will start his tour in his native Chicago, Illinois. Since announcing his much anticipated “Sin Ti” tour, he is scheduled for five cities, and Chicago and Los Angeles are sold out to capacity. He also intends to engage with the Latin Hip Hop Genre.


“Sin Ti” to great success: With the release of his most recent album, Sin Ti, Steven Jean-Jacques has gained greater attention for both the excellent beats and words he has produced. It is an album with solid lyrics and instrumentals that may persuade listeners to keep playing it repeatedly.


The musician, born in 1996 and is currently thriving in the music industry, wants to work with more instrumentals and some of the greatest names in the industry. Steven Jean-Jacques wants his beats to be recognized and used on the Billboard Hot 100 Charts and hopes to open a film studio one day.


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