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Internet Sensation Langston Higgins Turned Rap Hitmaker LAHiggz Releases New EP ‘Last Min’

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Langston Higgins ruled the internet in the early 2010’s with his viral dance videos and music from being part of the popular “Jerk” dance group “The Ranger$.” From taking over the LA music scene with “Jerk music” at one point in time, it’s no question that Langston Higgins was part of a movement that practically consumed a generation and shifted the culture. Now, releasing music under the moniker LAHiggz, he’s making his return with a new EP called ‘Last Min,’ which is out now and showcases his rap skills in a new light.

Higgins at the early age of 16, got his first look into stardom and knew he was destined for a fulfilling career in music. Staying true to his creative roots, LAHiggz (who came up with his artist name by combining initials of his full name Langston Alexander Higgins) is expanding his solo career as an artist and is making waves in the music industry. For the last few years, he’s taken his music career seriously – steadily dropping a mix of singles, music videos, and EPs as an independent artist. Most recently, did a remix to K8do’s viral song “Go off,” which currently has over 500,000 streams across streaming platforms.

His latest release ‘Last Min,’ is a four-track EP where LAHiggz turns all the way up. Stemming off the verbiage “last min,” (short for last minute) meaning “perfect timing or clutch,” Higgins credits his life experiences as a huge influence for this EP.

“Literally it’s something I put together at the last minute. This project is about life experiences and how I decide to keep going, regardless of what life throws at you,” he said. “In this EP, I’m talking about my past, future and the present.”

Transitioning from dancing to singing and inspiring many, LAHiggz has made a profound impression on the internet while sustaining a loyal fan base across social media. Born and raised in Los Angeles, it is no mystery where he gets his unique blend of harmonic R&B and melodic rap from.

“The message I want the fans to take away from this is to never give up on your dreams,” he says. “I’m not going anywhere, still here 10 years later. Just keep grinding, with faith and belief in yourself. No matter what.”

His leading single “No More L’s” speaks to his fans who may be struggling in silence, Higgins uses his voice to continue to inspire the youth and help his listeners see the “bigger picture.”

As far as his music career goals for the future, the sky’s the limit – LAHiggz plans to take it all the way.

“I want song placement in TV shows, movies, commercials, etc,” LA Higgz says. “I would love to go on a worldwide tour to experience the different energies outside the states … Build relationships and collaborate with big producers and established artists that genuinely want to see me win and believe I will succeed.”

LAHiggz is setting the tone for what audiences can expect from him next. Be on the lookout for what he has dropping next, including some new music videos coming soon. In the meantime, stream his project ‘Last Min’ out now.

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