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Illinois Artist 815Callaway Drops New Single “Five Guys”

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Illinois artist 815Callaway is breaking the mold for the Chicago area. His sound is unique and captivating, keeping listeners locked with every release. In 2022, 815Callaway launched a full court press into the industry, most recently featuring his new single “Five Guys”.

815Callaway hails from Dekalb County, Illinois, a small town right outside of Chicago, where he grew up influenced by hip-hop in the Midwest and beyond. Inspired by artists like Kendrick Lamar, Juice Wrld, & Drake, 815 Callaway puts his own original spin on popular sounds in today’s rap music. Officially beginning his rap career in 2018 and has built a strong discography since, including a handful of singles and a 2020 project called “Jetpack Johnny”. His most popular song to date, “Who”, was also released that year and has gained over 100,000 streams on Spotify alone. With momentum building, 815Callaway plans to drop his next single “Limbo” produced by Don Oskar on August 27th.

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