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Ernest Fields Builds Millionaire Grind

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Meet successful businessman and do it all artist and personal brand Ernest Fields. Ernest runs a business called Millionaire Grind. Millionaire grind provides apparel, printing services, media production and much more. The name of the company speaks for itself. Ernest has grown his company to incredible feats due to his inspiring drive and dedication to be nothing else but successful.


Growing up in Compton, California, Ernest grew up there till the age of 3 until his family moved to Memphis, Tennessee. Growing up in a small neighborhood called Chapel Hill, Ernest had no choice but to battle adversity and overcame obstacles from a young age. From the start of his life, he has lived on God’s time. Just a few weeks after being born, Ernest’s heart stopped, and his lungs collapsed. The nurses told his family he was dead, but one lady kept working and got his heart and breathing started again. Ernest lost 70% of his hearing and, from then on, knew he had a destiny to fulfill.


Growing up as a hearing-impaired athlete, Ernest always had the chips stacked against him. He had to work extra hard for what he wanted and even would get made fun of at school and put his foot down to let people know he was not one to be messed with. This adversity taught him that “No matter what field you are pursuing if you want to be successful, you have to want it. You must be willing to put in the work consistently and grind through any obstacles you may face.”


In college, his basketball coach told him, “In order to understand the plays on the board, look at the big picture, break it down and rebuild it. You know why each player is in the position he is in because you put them there.” Ernest took that and applied the same knowledge to everything else in his life beyond that point. After college, he struggled and wanted to figure out a better situation. Ernest studied some greats like Tyler Perry, Jay-Z, P Diddy, and Master P. He found a common denominator that these individuals never stop working and grinded like Millionaires. Behold came to the brand name Millionaire Grind.


Ernest Says the most rewarding part of his job is freedom. Being the company’s owner, he can leverage himself to work on his time and wouldn’t trade it for the world. Ernest wants everyone to know that he is eternally grateful for everyone’s support and anyone who has streamed his music, watched his videos, or purchased his merch. He is humbled and excited to continue to grow the brand. He encourages young entrepreneurs to save money, invest appropriately, and find a mentor who has what you want.


Stay tuned for his new EP titled M.A.D. (My Audio Diary) that will be released soon, next to his released single #PopOut. Check out Ernest Fields here.


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