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South Carolina Artist GuttaWitDaSack Is Going International

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South Carolina artist GuttaWitDaSack is using his music to tell stories of trapping, treachery, and triumph from a unique street perspective. With a growing discography, including songs like “Demons” (featuring the late great rising S.C. artist 18Veno) gaining steam internationally, it’s time for the world to get to know GuttaWitDaSack.

Growing up in Columbia, South Carolina, GuttaWitDaSack was thrown head first into a school of hard knocks and hustlers. His hometown, also known as “Killumbia” or “The Metro”, was foundational in his craft as it was important early on to make music that reflected the environment. Inspired by artists like Jay-Z and Boosie, GuttaWitDaSack has championed his city from the beginning, being a frontrunner in putting Columbia on the map. Instead of going mainstream with his sound, it’s his way of tapping in with other Carolina up and comers like KuzcoDaFoo and the fallen star 18Veno that show GuttaWitDaSack’s commitment to his community. His latest album, “Mill Ticket”, is available now and includes incredible tracks like “Loyalty Ova Love” featuring KuzcoDaFool and “2 Many”.

Listen to GuttaWitDaSack on Spotify below and follow his Instagram for updates on the South Carolina artist.

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