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This Pop Artist, Vibe ExclusivE is Bringing the Future Vibe of Pop

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Many people perceive talent as the only qualification needed to break through in the music industry. Regrettably, it’s more than that. The music industry is among the most competitive fields to succeed in, but that doesn’t mean all hope is lost. Whether you are an artist, producer, or songwriter, you have all it takes to make it in the industry if you are determined, work hard, and follow the required steps to shine in the limelight.

Various music genres in the music industry cut across multiple forms of art. Popular music, commonly referred to as ‘ pop music, ‘is one of the most influential genres ever. Pop music has an irresistible appeal to everyone, not just a particular audience. Hence, the pop music audience is far-reaching, cutting across geographical and cultural limitations.

Vibe ExclusivE is an international pop artist hitting the headlines in the global pop music scene. Vibe has set his own path to dominating the music airwaves as a pop artist and is not relenting any time soon. In the short stint that Vibe has been making music on major platforms, he drew the attention of a famous American rapper, The Game, who remixed his song “Pull Up Remix” on all major platforms. This discovery propelled Vibe to the limelight and earned him more followers on his social media. It didn’t take long before another renowned rapper from New York City, Fat Joe, reached out to Vibe after seeing his music crafts in one of his Instagram posts.

Vibe, a humble father of a 10-year-old, revealed that it’s never too late to follow your dream. Despite his age, Vibe has invested all his time and energy in transforming pop music into a genre that the world has not heard of or experienced. “I recently transitioned to making Spanish Reggeaton music, which was a success. My focus will be doing English and Spanish Pop,” said Vibe.

Vibe is so determined to change many lives with his music. “I am proof that you can turn your life around and be a better person,” said Vibe. During his early teenage years, Vibe recalled being in bad company as he tried to look for acceptance. While hanging out with his brother and stepbrother, they witnessed a horrific incident when his friend was shot dead in their presence.

“My older brother grabbed me by the neck, forced me closer to the dying friend, and said to me some words I would never forget, “This is the exact thing that will happen to you if you want to be a gang member.” I am thankful for that horrific event which surely led to some trauma but made me turn my life around,” Vibe explained.

The international pop artist is undoubtedly determined to scale higher music heights. He aspires to collaborate with the greats of Spanish Reggeaton and English Pop/ Hip Hop, such as Bad Bunny, J Balvin, Chris Brown, and Drake. He is not slowing down in making music, as he wants to make the world dance while maintaining his true identity and reaching the billboard charts.

When asked about what the world can learn from him as they tell his story, Vibe said, “Follow your dreams, believe in yourself all the way and don’t look back. Learn to love unconditionally, and remain humble at all times.”

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