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Dance the night away with Asad Yusupov’s newest addition “Freedom”

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Having planned over a dozen parties this year alone, Asad Yusupov is no new face to the people of Northern Virginia. He is known for organizing the craziest of parties. People always seem to have a good time at his parties. Now he turns his talent for showing people a good time to another level by dabbling his hand in music through his new track “Freedom”.

“Freedom” was released as a part of a debut EP from Asad Yusupov. He has no prior experience when it comes to producing and creating music. But when you listen to his music, you feel like you have been proven wrong. His sounds are not that of a rookie just joining the scene. It has a refined quality and catchy nature to it which makes his works party hits.

Asad Yusupov has decided to work with No ID The Label during the production of “Freedom”. They have worked together to ensure that the track would become an instant hit at the parties it is being played. And from all the streams and praises that it has been getting, we can safely assume that goal was a success.

You can follow him on Instagram: @noigasad

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