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Meet Lil Eddie Singer/Songwriter behind one of TikTok’s most viral songs today.

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How does this genius stay relevant after all of these years? By consistently collaborating and staying tapped into fresh up and coming artists. Whether it’s developing the next pop sensation, or co-writing an independent smash for up and coming artist SheLoveMal, Lil Eddie is constantly on that new wave of what’s next.

Eddie’s sound is super fresh, but his older records still hold massive weight. “Statue” is STILL viral on TikTok after being released over 11 years ago. Artists from all over the world have shared this song on their socials, including RM – the rapper from BTS. Lil Eddie’s catalog on Spotify is continually growing, with over 25 million streams on Spotify and collectively over 200 million on YouTube from fan covers or channels posting “Statue” on their channels. This man is much more than a songwriter – but a true artist.

Aside from the music creation side, Eddie wears another hat as an elite music business executive. Alongside Simon Cowell, Eddie developed groups like Fifth Harmony and CNCO. Currently – he’s investing heavily into a young talent named Yung Raf who’s Eddie’s protégée. Raf is signed to Eddie’s record label, Broken Hearts Club.

Eddie has been responsible for some of the biggest songs, groups, and artists in the world. This means the Broken Hearts Club artist, Yung Raf, is slated for massive success in the industry. Eddie has been diligently developing Raf as an artist, brand, and viably incredible songwriter. Eddie coaches Raf through high stakes situations – bringing him into major sessions with artists like Coco Jones and Jason Derulo to name a few, landing Raf placements and life changing features. This is an invaluable experience that Eddie delivers to artists who are lucky enough to come on board and be a part of the Broken Hearts Club.

Eddie may be blowing up new artists left and right, but let’s look more deeply at his track record. In the past, he’s worked with Paula Abdul, Janet Jackson, and Usher to name a few. This enables Eddie to make smash hits that feel fresh, while still bringing in nostalgic elements from the past. The records he creates always have a timeless impact on the market and the artists’ career.

Broken Hearts Club may be the world’s next biggest record label, and Yung Raf may be the next Post Malone. Eddie’s impact on the game has been tremendous, but it’s not done yet. We are truly excited to see him continue to release more music on his own Spotify and YouTube soon!

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