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Incredible DJing talent DJ Sahil Gulati creates a unique vibe of his at every venue he plays.

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He is considered as Delhi’s most expensive DJ, who excels at Bollywood, Hip-Hop, Mashup, and sometimes Techno music.


Isn’t it amazing to hear stories about young talented beings who go ahead in their chosen industries by thriving off of their pure passion and relentless drive in their work? Well, the world may have witnessed many such incredibly gifted professionals across sectors, but there is always a handful that stands distinct from the rest for a myriad of reasons. These individuals from the younger brigade are those who keep a razor-sharp focus on improving their skills and acquiring more knowledge to become more refined talents in their industries. This is exactly what DJ Sahil Gulati did in the world of music, eventually rising high as one of the most expensive DJs in Delhi, India.


Wondering who this growing DJing talent is named DJ Sahil Gulati? Well, he is the one who has performed with various top artists of the music world at the most talked-about and happening venues and clubs in Delhi and now is set to play at the White Club while also working toward putting together a band of his. For long, this passionate DJ has been ruling the hearts of party-goers and music lovers in the capital, and his music beats come from multiple genres like Bollywood, Hip-Hop, Progressive House, Deep House, and sometimes Techno, which has made him quite a sought-after name in the industry.


All his musical sets and the gems he has created so far in his career have gone ahead in becoming trending tunes, which has further raised his stocks in the DJing world. It won’t be wrong to say that DJ Sahil Gulati is one of the fastest-rising DJs in the current music scene who continues to push forward growth of the industry and seamlessly leaves his imprint in the same, rising as a modern-day DJing talent.


His skills in audience interaction and, most importantly, connecting with the fans and music lovers with his musical sets have helped people unite with music and come together to have a ball of a time.


There are many things lined up on which DJ Sahil Gulati is rigorously and committedly working and can’t wait to perform at many other top venues of Delhi NCR and other parts of the country.

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