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UK Lewis Barry brings it

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Lewis Barry was born into the UK where he has grown up his entire life. He was born into an easy life and it all changed a young age. When later spoken to we discovered Lewis had a tough up bringing when someone close to him was diagnosed with a life changing medical condition. Lewis lost himself and faced dark times for several years before he found his love for music. Music wasn’t just fun to listen to it was an escape. The escape Lewis had always needed. 

Since being published “I’m loving you” has become a popular song in multiple countries. Lewis went from a small musical artist to an in demand talent. We spoke with Lewis to understand where it all started out.

Why did you start producing? 

As a young individual I faced some trauma and needed an escape from reality. My escape soon turned out to be music and producing something for others to enjoy. Once i picked up drum sticks at the age of 8 i was running round all the rooms in my house making sounds. 

Who inspires you to keep creating?

Drake and Dave because they both have meaning to the lyrics in their music.

Anything you want your fans to know

I may have seen major success already but this is only the start there is plenty more to come. 

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