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Saint Kali Aims to Bring Dubai’s Music Industry into the Spotlight

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When most people think of music and the music industry in general, LA, New York, and London are some of the places that come to mind. However, the thought of a music-related venture coming from an Arab country is mostly unheard of, and this is exactly where musician Saint Kali is coming from with his unique take on music.


Based in Dubai, Kali is Inspired by singers like Drake and The Weeknd and what they’ve done for the city of Toronto. Kali wants to do the same kind of incredible work and bring Dubai and its music industry into the spotlight.


Saint Kali’s new EP, “deconstré,” is what he’s most excited about, and so far, it has received an incredible amount of support from critics and music fans the world over. Some of the most popular songs from this EP include “NGL,” “Coldie,” “XXX,” and “Bad Chargie.” And he has managed to gain an incredible number of listeners on popular music streaming platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music.


When it comes to Instagram, Kali has gained a healthy number of 30K+ followers, which is rapidly growing by the day.


Saint Kali is inspired by various music genres, including rap, hip-hop, R&B, and pop. However, he tends to add his own taste and style to these songs, and Kali believes that he is still on the way to discovering what music from this part of the world should sound like. His EP, “deconstré,” does exactly that, exploring the various possibilities of genres and introducing unique music to the people.


When it comes to work, Kali is a perfectionist, and he decided not to release anything until he was completely happy with it. His musical journey began more than 5 years ago, but he chose not to release anything until it was up to his standards. Now, “deconstré” is the culmination of years’ worth of work.


Kali still sees space for improvement in his work. However, he was satisfied enough with “deconstré” to release it to the public.


Most musicians look forward to expanding their careers or receiving awards as they move forward. However, Kali wants to bring a more refined kind of music to the world while highlighting Dubai. “deconstré” is the perfect example of what Kali aims to achieve with his music while creating a fresh and new genre that will redefine the music produced in Dubai.


With the debut of “deconstré,” Saint Kali has officially set foot in the music industry, and he has received much positive feedback, enabling him to continue down the same lane of making more exciting and fresh music.


“Don’t rush perfection,” says Kali, and with good reason—his 5-year wait to make the perfect song has paid off and shown people what can be done for Dubai-based music, and what is to come.


Kali says that his aim is to bring more refined music to the global stage while expanding his audience and reach along the way. While in the process, he mentions that it would be his ultimate dream come true if he could achieve what Drake and The Weeknd did in Toronto, in the city of Dubai.

To keep up with Saint Kali you can find him on Instagram or check out his website.

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