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Joshdifferent, Philadelphia Music artist has a unique approach to the music industry focusing on mental Health and raising your vibration.

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Coming from a dysfunctional family, in the Frankford section of Philadelphia. Joshua Blackwell also known as Joshdifferent, had a physically and mentally abusive upbringing which he has converted into the art form of music and content creation on social media. Joshdifferent has become an advocate and spokesperson in regards to mental health, and dealing with personality disordered individuals. Tapping into spirituality as a music artist from Philadelphia has recently released a new single “God on my side.”, “Smiling in ya face” and “Childhood Trauma.”


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Joshdifferent is a 26 year old who grew up in the Frankford section of Philadelphia inspired by Philly’s own meek mill, drake, king los, and many others. Josh has made music for years and also produced music since the age of 7. His younger days were also caught on camera, on YouTube on the “Jdieselshow” which is still available. He later went to open multiple other channels such as the “conversation crew” and the “fast talking boys.” Joshua also directed mini movies on YouTube at the age of 12, picking the rules for everyone as well as everyone’s lines.


Joshdifferent has grown a lot as a person and now as a music artist, it’s evident in the music that he has grown considering he is taking a spiritual but still has some swag to its safe vibe with this new song God on my side. The goal is to inspire as many people and help them deal with life and mental health to prevent Issues or suicide.


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