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DJ SONYA DXB, A DJ from 6 years, has set new sensations in the world of music.

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DJ Sonya DXB is known for her fashion statements,pop music and brand  endorsement. 

DJ Sonya DXB brings the party wherever she goes! She has been a DJ for the past six years  in a fusion of beats and glamour and has been turning heads in the music industry with her  high-energy performances and eclectic mixes. 

There is nothing she can’t handle, whether performing at the UAE’s most anticipated event of  2022, EXPO DUBAI, opening for Bruno Mars at the DU Arena in Abu Dhabi, or DJing for  the opening of the giant observation wheel in the world, AIN DUBAI. 

SONYA has had the opportunity to join the largest radio network in the Middle East,  VIRGIN RADIO, for their renowned FRSH Friday Show, thanks to her reputation as an  exciting DJ talent. A stunning summer residency at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas and being  selected as the official DJ of Christian Louboutin in Dubai are two further noteworthy  performances. 

¨A radio jockey, a DJ and the fashion icon! She proves herself in every aspect of  perfection¨ 

DJ Sonya DXB is all about the music. From underground to mainstage, she has a sound for  every mood. Check out her songs to get a taste of her eclectic style. 

Thanks to all of the attention, she has been able to explore additional business endeavours. As  a result, she has been featured in Gulf News, Emirates Woman, Marie Claire, Harper’s  Bazaar, Vogue, GQ, and Marie Claire. She has also appeared in several commercials, films,  television shows, and stage productions for companies like Warner Bros., MTV, and Tommy  Hilfiger. 

Sonya’s music is a mix of electronic, pop, and fashion. Sonya’s taste and preference for music  and fashion have set the world on fire! She is known for her high-energy sets and ability to  get the crowd moving. 

She is also the first female brand ambassador from her region to be hired by both Jordan and  Nike. She frequently collaborates with the Jordan brand at their main events. In 2019 she was  appointed as a DJ and content creator for Jordan during the Sole DXB lifestyle festival in  Dubai, and in 2021, she created a mix for the Jordan show during which 600 drones formed  the JUMPMAN logo in the air at Dubai Frame.

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