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Behind The Breakout Single: Mass of Man’s “Fallen Angel (feat. Mack Harrison)”

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Every emerging artist dreams of the song that will change their life overnight- the spark that will leave them with a blazing trail. That one chance to show all that they can do, all that they can be, one shot to create a platform bigger than they could’ve imagined. In the modern world of social media more so than ever, where going viral is like a lightning strike that creates

stars, singles are released with crossed fingers and slow breaths- will this be the one?

Some artists think this can happen with a highly calculated release strategy, some wholly believe it to be luck. Some stay one step ahead of every trend possible, doing their best to keep up with the fast-paced world of viral media. For all we know, some or all of these theories could be true- goodness knows they’ve all worked at least once. But, for Mass of Man- Rhode Island based rapper and mental health advocate- his breakout single wasn’t calculated, designed, or the flip of a coin.

It was the result of his raw vulnerability- the backbone of his artistry to this day.

In January of 2018, Mass Of Man released “Fallen Angel (feat. Mack Harrison)”- the single that would change the course of his career as he knew it. Mass of Man has always been an advocate for mental health, living himself with Bipolar Disorder, OCD, and Anxiety- and he has always strived to turn this struggle into a beacon of light, a safe space for others through his music. “Fallen Angel (feat. Mack Harrison)” is no exception, and is striking and unforgettable in countless ways. The song is a nearly immersive experience, an open dialogue on mental health struggles, and a literal dialogue between the artist and his depression personified by Mack Harrison. In addition to the undeniable talent and contrast working beautifully on a sonic level, the track is Mass of Man stripped to his rawest emotions without filter- and they are emotions that so many feel but aren’t able to express as mental illness is often a silent struggle. There are two types of songs, put simply. There are songs that you vibe to, and songs that you feel. “Fallen Angel (feat. Mack Harrison)” is a shining example of a song that is felt, down to the listener’s soul. These are the songs that paint a bigger picture, bring listeners together and create unity- as well as a domino effect. Everyone that comes across it is compelled to pass it along- you have to hear this, you have to see this.

Combining a track like that with its beautifully shot and thoughtful music video, it comes as no surprise that it caught an organic tidal wave. At the time of the single’s release, Mass Of Man had 2,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel. As soon as his existing fan base caught wind, it spread like wildfire and the video started gaining over 15,000 views a day. “Fallen Angel (feat.

Mack Harris) single-handedly pushed Mass of Man to over 100,000 Youtube subscribers and he found himself standing upon a whole new platform. Today, the video alone has 8.9 million views on Youtube- and the track has amassed over 11 million streams on Spotify. All of this from an artist with a message he was unafraid to share, and one that many needed to hear.

Mass Of Man’s breakout single is clearly beautiful all on its own, but its journey is equally full of heart and hope. It wasn’t luck, it wasn’t an algorithm, it wasn’t a trend, it was an artist’s

truth that took his voice around the world. Since gaining this massive platform, and still watching it grow every day, Mass of Man has only continued to honor it with the same mission he had from the start- to provide a therapeutic outlet for those struggling with their mental health, and overcoming life’s obstacles together through the universal language of music.


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