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Rapper Big-E Reflects on DUXOV (LA REMIX) and Talks Musical Direction

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“At the age of 13, I wanted to be the voice of my people through music.” says Armenian-American Rapper and Recording Artist Big-E. A bold statement to make at such a young age, and quite the mantle of perspective to carry. Nonetheless, the rising rapstar has committed to utilize his music career to be that voice he promised himself he would be since his youth. Not only have his lyrics empowered thousands around the world, but his example has been a beacon of hope for the people of his homeland, Armenia. His powerful message has influenced political change as well as addressed heavy topics surrounding societal justice.

Big-E Is one of those artists who is relentless in his work ethic. When it comes to tackling one accomplishment after another, he does this seamlessly by setting the bar higher for himself every single time. From cementing a stance within LA music culture, to winning the likes of legendary Rap Artists’ Krayzie Bone and WishBone –– and eventually signing on to their vetted roster as an up and coming artist, Big-E is a beast in the music industry.

The vetted talent is quick with his delivery and precise with his reflective songwriting. He demonstrates this very clearly in his discography and collaborations. Not many artists have the motivation to hop back into the game like Big-E did. After what seemed to be a hiatus, Big-E is back and more focused than ever. Leveraging his cultural roots, passion for honest lyricism and love for the people, we can expect to see so much more from him in the public space this season.

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