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Young Sayso Presents an Upcoming release: “Dying to Live”

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Young Sayso’s music is distinctive for its refreshing blend of style and sounds. The artist is very open-minded, and his music combines the flow of modern hip-hop. These different elements converge together beautifully, providing a fresh take on Young Sayso’s unique tone. His upcoming studio EP, “Dying to Live”, is a fantastic example of that. 


The EP features four original songs, including the title track “Dying To Live.” This song is remarkable, the way Young Sayso combines old-schools vibes with modern influences. You get a punchy and warm beat and a vocal performance with some articulation and melody, bridging the gaps between these different worlds. 


“Love me or Love Me Not” is yet another example of how the artist set out to bring the old and the new under one roof. The guitar melodies bring a jazzy melody to the song, while the drum beat features trap influences and some contemporary vibes with a massive low end. Young Sayso sounds incredibly sharp on this one, with a vocal performance that’s pure fire. 


“Me VS The World” also hits the mark with a powerful arrangement and a great mix that dives deeper into Young Sayso’s artistry and vision for this EP. This song feels like a journey that people can easily relate to the artist’s intuitive lyrics and great sounds.


Lastly, “Solid” offers a spontaneous combination of great hooks and a more introspective sound with lyrics that are easy to relate to on a deeper level. 


The EP masterfully showcases Young Sayso’s ability to advance his craft and take his talent to a new level. He knows what it takes to make it happen, and every second of music is purposeful and intense from the get-go. This EP has a unique drive behind it. 


Each song is incredibly well-executed, making the release far from being an average modern hip-hop EP. Overall, the aesthetics of the production match the creative concept of the artist, showcasing his broad range and ability to explore different facets of hip-hop. For this reason, Young Sayso can give the audience a truly unique perspective of what his sound is all about and the kind of mood he wants to portray with this particular studio work. Any rap fans who want to hear more than the usual cliches should tune in. 


“Dying to Live” by Young Sayso is a great musical milestone and a very special moment for the artist. It should be a perfect new release for fans of artists such as A Tribe Called Quest, Joey Bada$$, Lloyd Banks, and Kendrick Lamar to check out! 


“Dying to Live” portrays the artist’s spontaneous attitude and passion for great sounds. While also highlighting the unique edge of what makes Young Sayso so special as a music maker. 


Find out more about “Dying to Live”, and check out this release, which will be available on October 15, 2022. 


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