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Upcoming Houston Music Star: Hendricks2.0

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Michael Jermaine Henry professionally known as Hendricks2.0 is an American hip hop music artist and model from Houston, Texas. When we asked Hendricks2.0 how did he receive his stage name, he said that his stage name came from the chemical symbol that represents water, H2O. The upcoming hip hop artist Hendricks2.0 says he believes that people have to be like water in a way in order to play the game of life.

Hendricks2.0 is no new face to the entertainment industry and says he’s far from finish. Hendricks2.0 has been in the modeling business for over 15 years and counting! 2023 will be the upcoming star’s 3rd year as a official music artist he stated. Hendrick2.0’s latest single titled, “Feel Like Ye” was released on July 29,2022 and can be found on all streaming platforms. Along with his latest single, Hendricks2.0 released a project named “Whole. Nother. Level.” that he says is in fact his most vulnerable writing to date.

“On my latest album or project “Whole. Nother. Level.” I address pain, heartbreak and an unwillingness to cave to the pressure of life. The new single “Feel like Ye” I just released is what happens when healing finally takes place and you’re actually living and not just surviving. To all my supporters and new listeners that will be new supporters and listeners, I just want y’all to know that my music will continue to get better and better. Our biggest accomplishment so far is being in the DRT Global Top 200 Airplay Chart August 3rd, 2022. We’ll be hitting the charts more and more real soon.” Hendricks2.0 said.

The “Feel Like Ye” artist says he has a few names on his list of music artists he would like to work with in the near future. Amongst those names that Hendricks2.0 wants to work with, some are viewed as legends within their own rights and even a billionaire. Hendricks2.0 named Kanye West, Joyner Lucas, J. Cole and a few more that he would like to work with. These are some of the music artists that have motivated Hendrick2.0 in ways that has allowed him to display his music genius for listeners to hear and see.

Hendricks2.0 says to make sure you check out his single “Feel Like Ye”.

He says he wants his listeners to heal themselves and continue on a path of positive growth. Is Hendricks2.0 one of the best upcoming music artist?


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