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Skinnyfromthe9 launches management company and car business after working with L.A. Reid and Soulja Boy

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Initially, Skinnyfromthe9 was a viral sensation. During the summer of 2018, he rose to fame, leading to all kinds of opportunities. Suddenly, he went from being a virtually unknown rapper to having meetings with L.A. Reid and working with Soulja Boy. The meeting with L.A. Reid led to a $5 million deal. This was the introduction that Skinnyfromthe9 had to the business.

Until the middle of 2020, Skinnyfromthe9 was consistently making moves. From his 2018 debut, until 2020, Skinnyfromthe9 was one of the hottest rising rappers in the game. When it looked like he was on the cusp of true fame, Skinnyfromthe9 ended up taking a backseat. Unlike most rappers, this was Skinnyfromthe9’s decision, however. It turns out, he wanted more than just being a rapper.

Skinnyfromthe9 recently made an appearance on No Jumper, and had a feature on, where his new career path has been explained. On No Jumper, Skinnyfromthe9 spoke about sleeping with 6ix9ine’s girlfriend, but he has more serious matters going on. Seeing how Skinnyfromthe9 secured his own $5 million deal, he launched VVS Management to help other artists get in the game. Along with that, he has Zero Down NJ, a car company in his native of New Jersey.

When it comes to the music, Skinnyfromthe9 is not leaving the fans hanging. Instead, he is back with a song that has kept Worldstar locked down. Recently, Skinnyfromthe9 dropped his “GLE Freestyle,” featuring Squeeze Banzz and HIGHTEXHSEF. ( squeeze banzz featured artist on GLE freestyle )

 ( HIGHTEXHSEF featured artist on GLE freestyle )

 ( zero down NJ )

( GLE freestyle or no jumper interview )

( GLE freestyle or no jumper interview)

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