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The Hottest New Reality Boxing Show is Coming To You

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Atlanta, Georgia native Kendrick Miree is the founder and executive producer of the new reality game show, Box To The Beat. Besides being an executive producer, Miree also has college wrestling, amateur boxing, professional martial arts, professional kickboxing, mixed martial arts, professional kickboxing, coaching, and owner of KM Fitness LLC added to his resume.


Miree has always prided himself on being a family man. There was a point where Kendrick thought being on the co-main event on the same fight card as Roy Jones Jr. was the highlight of his success story but nothing compares to the joy of marrying the love of your life and starting a family.


Box To The Beat is far from your average reality game show. This show takes the sport to a whole new level by creating a more inviting experience and decreasing how scary the sport can look. One of the glamor aspects of the sport has always been the flashy mitt work, allowing people to show off their unique boxing skills. Miree’s unique approach to the show creates something fun that everyone can do without the risk of losing a brain cell.


The idea for Box To The Beat came one day when Kendrick Miree was sharing business ideas with a group of friends and one suggested Miree pitch the idea to an Emmy award winning producer by the name of John that he knew. John loved the idea and offered to get this show concept in front of some big networks to pitch. Miree then put together a pilot reel pitch deck for networks until it was ultimately picked up.


If you’re interested in learning more about Kendrick Miree, his path to success, or how you can audition for Box To The Beat, follow him on social media here and check out the official Box To The Beat website here.

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