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Sacramento Rap Talent Skar IS Taking Over the Airwaves

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There is no doubt that the Hip-hop scene is one of the most competitive and brutal genres of music. Like other genres, it’s a highly competitive sector with vastly talented rappers rivaling for the crown. This has created a dynamic environment for creativity, innovation, and uniqueness. Therefore, being authentic has proved to be one of the top strategies to establish a successful brand in hip-hop.

Rap sensation SKar is one of the most talented artists in the hip-hop scene today. The Sacramento-born artist is taking over the airwaves with unique vibes that many can easily relate to. Skar is also the founder of No Feeling Ent, a top independent label. Through the label, Skar has massively marked his presence as one of the top artists to watch out for in the coming years.

Skar’s music has swiftly spread beyond the Sacramento borders with performances in various states, including Atlanta, Boston, New York, Washington, Hollywood, San Francisco, Seattle, Oregon, and Chicago, among others. 

Skar is also building a solid social media presence with thousands of followers across various platforms. His music is also receiving equivalent love, with millions of views on YouTube alongside millions of other online streaming platforms. A star in the making, Skar’s musical journey is also covered by top publications in the country, including features in the All bay magazine.

Moving forward, Skar wants to grow and expand his label to more significant success levels. He also wants to release more music with collaborations with other top hip-hop talents. To Skar, this is just the beginning of a more promising career.


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