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Have you listened to Shaun Milli’s single “Love Me” ?

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You are cordially invited to listen to Shaun Milli’s brand-new track, which is available for fans of hip-hop and R&B music. You may view the official music video and listen to the song, “Love Me,” on YouTube by visiting this link:


Shaun Milli’s “I ain’t got that much time left” makes it quite evident that this man was destined to sing as the song begins with a lovely keyboard opening. While his voice has a great intensity to it, it is also quite simple to listen to and isn’t obtrusive.


When he sings, “I think it’s best if I shift to the left,” in the first verse, you can hear how easily he manages to touch those upper notes as well. As soon as the chorus begins and he says “Love me,” it is evident that this artist has managed to produce a timeless work of art, elevating him far beyond most other musicians in the modern music industry.


This man has been singing for most of his life, and I sincerely hope that the world is ready for such a gifted singer and lyricist!


The keyboard melody is really smooth, the drums and bass blend in flawlessly with Shaun’s vocals, and the electric guitar gives the entire tune even more depth in addition to being outstanding in terms of vocals. It also has excellent mixing and mastering.


Producer Roy Made It created this song (who just produced Yk Osiris’s new single called Be, My Girl, with Polow Da Don). In a culture where the majority of music is harmful and uninteresting,


A genuine song like this is energizing to hear given the daily releases. Not only is the song fantastic on its own, but it also has a music video that was made specifically for it (see above).


It’s fantastic to watch a video and song like this that is classic and brings it back to a period when a man truly tried to win over a lady by making an effort to satisfy her instead of treating her like garbage and demeaning her. Most musicians can only dream about Shaun Milli’s actual style and sophistication.


A journey that you didn’t even realize you so sorely needed can be taken by the listener thanks to this musician! I believe it will only be a matter of time until more and more people start listening to Shaun Millie and he displaces some other musicians who also go by the name Shaun. In light of all of these factors, I can only advise you to listen to Shaun Millie’s brand-new single, “Love Me,” and to follow him on social media. These are the official web addresses:









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