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Endtimez Is Climbing His Way To The Top Of The Music Scene

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Endtimez is an upcoming artist, from Orlando, Florida, who has been making music seriously for the last three years. He currently has over 100 songs unreleased and has been planning his roll out for his next future singles. Although he has been singing ever since he was a kid and started writing rhymes when he was in middle school, he recently discovered his potential to be the newest sensation.

When we asked him what his goals are in the music industry, he replied, “To help people who have mental health issues. I want to help anyone who has suicidal thoughts come out of that just like I have.” He attemped suicide at age 16 which put him in a mental hospital. He used his struggles as a way to persevere. He went viral from a freestyle and underground instagram pages started reposting him organically. People saw this, and started comparing him to Eminem. That’s when he knew he had talent and potential. In the future, he would love to collaborate with Eminem because of their vocal similarities.

He is currently working on music to be released in the near future. “Alienated” and “PTSD” will be released in a few weeks. “Who I Am”, “On Mars”, “New Wave” and “For The Streets” should all be released before the end of the year.

He is an independent artist, but works with Studio 18, which he says is like “family.”  When we asked him what he wants his listeners to take away from his music, he said, “ I want them to know that I am just a person, just like them and I go through the same things. I want them to know I’m here for them. They’re not alone with their mental health struggles.”

He credits his biggest musical inspiration to being XXX because of his versatility and raw vulnerable lyrics in his music. To find out more about Endtimez’s new music and to connect with him, follow him on Instagram, Tik tok, Youtube, Twitter, SoundCloud and Spotify.

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