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Cali Swag District’s OFB Yung Drops Two New Singles “Vibes” and “Ready Set Go”

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Growing up in Inglewood, California, OFB Yung always envisioned becoming a global superstar. He spent his youth magnetized by battle raps at the park and knew at a young age he wanted to be an artist. OFB Yung spent his childhood studying rap and creating his own lyrics to hit songs at the time. Throughout the years, OFB Yung’s persistent effort manifested into a lyrical talent that could not be ignored. OFB Yung has a diverse music catalog, he creates music that is energetic, seductive, real, and always has tremendous lyrics behind a terrific beat.


OFB Yung draws inspiration for his music from the trials and tribulations he has faced and his current lifestyle. OFB Yung prides himself on being real with his fans in order for them to connect with not only his music but himself. “I want people to listen to my music and feel exactly where I was at in life when I made it. A lot of the music I make is based on my mood. It’s a form of self expression kind of like my journal.”


At this point in his career, OFB Yung is no stranger to the spotlight. OFB Yung is a member of Cali Swag District which has one of the most popular dance songs of all time “Teach Me How To Dougie”. This song catapulted OFB Yung’s career and he has remained on top ever since. OFB Yung still has major aspirations for the future including working with Rick Ross. Rick Ross has been a major inspiration to OFB Yung and the two would create timeless music together.


OFB is constantly releasing new music for his fans. Just recently, OFB Yung dropped two new singles titled, “Vibes” and “Ready Set Go”. “Vibes” is a slower seductive song that OFB Yung created for when you are listening to music with your girl. “Ready Set Go” is a high energy song that was intended to get everyone on the dance floor. OFB Yung has a plethora of new music stored in his vault that he is eager to release to his fans. Be sure to stay tuned to OFB Yung as he is just getting started in his already illustrious career. You can listen to “Vibes” and “Ready Set Go” on Spotify and follow OFB Yung on Instagram for updates regarding his next body of work.

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