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Doe Dotta’s Album “Chillin with The Ghost” Makes A Massive Impact with Fans and Critics Alike

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Doe Dotta is an artist that does something unbelievable – he brings ‘real’ to life. He takes raw emotions and channels them into bars so sinfully good that it’s a challenge to stop at just one song. His new album, Chillin’ with the Ghost, is no exception. It is one soulful smash hit after another like the man is incapable of making bad music.

Fans of Doe Dotta cannot seem to get enough of the smooth, seamless blends of earthy with hip-hop. Even within the same album, Doe Dotta has experimented with styles and genres so different that any artist would have had a tough time putting all the versatile music on one single album. But not Doe Dotta. He has explored numerous dimensions of sound but never beyond reason – or at the very least, he never gives us the chance to hear otherwise. All the tunes and tracks on Chillin’ with the Ghost tie together perfectly to create rich, memorable music.

Critics, too, have shown immense admiration for Doe Dotta’s personal style. One critic went so far as to say, “It’s just the bravery of the situation – being able to use your deepest vulnerabilities as a backdrop for some tunes takes everything you have. It’s never easy to open up to the world like that, and the fact that this rapper could do that speaks volumes of his dedication.”

There is every reason to get inspired by Doe Dotta’s life. His story is truly fascinating — born in the Middle East, he emigrated to the United States as an orphan, where he grew up in the streets of Brooklyn. His whirlwind childhood provided him with experiences that now translate into profoundly moving music. No matter the age, he could take an entire room by storm with well-worded lyricism. Ever since his arrival on the music scene, the young rapper started to build a following. His competitors might have had a fan following too, but how many could boast of having music critics join ranks as loyal fans? Such is Doe Dotta’s musical power.

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