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Get to know rising musician Zuhbastian

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Sebastian Janssen aka Zuhbastian has a way of creating music through sheer passion. With his clever way of producing heartfelt tunes, Zuhbastian quickly evolved his talent into song making abilities. Inspired by numerous producers in different genres he started to create his own tracks. The dutch artist is a newcomer to the hip-hop scene but is looking to make a statement in 2022 and the years beyond. His latest release called “Genesis” is a 6-track EP containing beautifully orchestrated tunes.

In his music journey, Zuhbastian always had an interest in creating lyric less music with undertones from different genres. Music in general has always been an impactful passion of his and was the backdrop to his youth. His inspirations growing up were always musicians, and he’s eager to show the world similar feelings that he experienced. He is very grateful for the people having his back and is strongly dedicated to putting out the best possible tracks he can craft.

In a fast-paced music, world, there is always a new project, a new artist or a new record, and so forth– talents need to pay special attention to the way they produce their music in order to remain truthful within a powerful industry. Some producers have talent and can express their creativity in various different ways, others seem to use their identity to become relevant and leading to losing passion for the craft they fell in love with. Every artist should have his own way of making and creating to stay unique and different.

The latest release “Genesis” with the hit song called Deadline is available for streaming on every platform. Looking ahead, Zuhbastian will continue polishing his craft, create more and dedicate his full 100% to music producing.

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